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Architours 2017 returns with an array of hand-picked works thematically curated. This year, in our 11th year running, immerse in the rich atmosphere of Singapore’s architectural environment, both old and new, and rediscover the hidden interesting spaces around Singapore. Join us for an exclusive access into these architectural gems as we bring you closer than ever into these projects and get behind-the- scenes with the designers who brought them to life.


4 Chin Terrace | LAUD Architects

(Photo Credit: Melvin H J Tan @ LAUD Architects Pte Ltd)

4 Chin Terrace is an intermediate terrace house at the eastern part of Singapore. It is a design exercise in making an intermediate terrace house look and feel like much larger, whilst keeping within a modest budget.

Being an intermediate terrace plot means that the house is flanked on both sides by parti-walls with no opportunity for windows and daylight. We explored ways of introducing daylighting into the long plan, drawing inspiration from pre-war shophouses with open courtyards piercing their centers. However, the overhead plane here is enclosed via a skylight to create an all-weather courtyard-atrium, part of the “small house-BIG ATRIUM” strategy.

We capitalized on the sloping terrain to maximize the experience of the internal atrium, using snippets of old memories to further deepen the reading of the space and functionality

Heartbeat@Bedok | ONG&ONG Architects

(Photo Credit: ONG & ONG Pte Ltd)

Located in Bedok North, the Heartbeat@Bedok is a multi-user, multi-occupancy 7-storey building housing several Co-Location Partners (CLPs). Envisioned as a key civic and community space for Bedok residents, it offers a host of integrated services that will bring residents of different backgrounds together, helping to improve social ties and cultivate community spirit.

The new building resulted from the dramatic transformation of a public park in the heart of the vibrant East Coast neighbourhood. Part of HDB's 'Remaking Our Heartland' initiative to reinvigorate the Bedok Town Centre, the site combines a community club, sports and recreation centre, public library, polyclinic, and a senior care centre in one location.

The Heartbeat@Bedok is an architecturally distinctive community building that is defined by the highest standards in modern sustainability. Featuring an inverted podium-and-blocks design strategy, spaces within the new building are predicated on functionality. The elevated podium allows for optimised natural ventilation, with a group of microclimates created around internal public spaces. A covered area extends 145m diagonally across the site, creating a 3-storey atrium that enhances porosity between floors, while also working to improve overall connectivity and visual integration of the internal spaces.

268 Orchard Road | Raymond Woo Architects

(Photo Credit: Aaron Pocock)

Inspired by the glass pyramids of the Louvre” in Paris, the 268 Orchard Road’s main features are the three tilted glass boxes cascading down towards Orchard Road. Despite the site’s narrow frontage, Raymond tilted the glass boxes to achieve a panoramic view of Orchard Road from within the building. This project was designed in collaboration with Hugh Dutton Associes, Paris, a specialist in glass design for the detailing of the glass boxes.

Completed in 2015, the 268 Orchard Road is an innovative glass building – the first of its kind in Singapore to utilize only structural extruded stainless steel (SS 315LN mullions) with tension cable net to support double glazed units as a curtain wall system. This system was proposed to eliminate columns within the building interiors, ensuring limited obstruction visually and physically and to create a versatile retail tenancy layout.

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The highly anticipated Architours returns at Archifest 2017, with newly curated journeys aimed to inspire tour visitors as they visit award winning as well as unique buildings in Singapore. Some of the locations will be guided by the architects who desigened them! The Singapore Institute of Architects and The Architecture Society (TAS) of National University of Singapore is proud to present yet another inspiring series of Architours, as part of Archifest 2017. LIKE us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/archifest) for updates on the tours!

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